more support for harold koh

Here's another Huffington Post piece calling for Harold Koh's nomination to the Supreme Court, suggesting that the President should look beyond the appellate courts to nominate someone with real experience outside the judiciary to replace Justice Stevens: Experience Is the Life of the Law - and Right Now We Need Harold Koh's Experience.

David Perez uses a historical argument, looking at Justice Hugo Black, Justice William O. Douglas and Chief Justice Earl Warren, to make the case that President Obama should fill the Supreme Court opening with a nonjudge -- and that Harold Koh's experience makes him the best person for the job.

I know many have ruled Koh out as the outside possibility, especially considering the hell that was raised at his Senate confirmation last to the State Department... but man, to see him step up as a Supreme Court justice? I can't describe how awesome that would be. More here: Why Harold Koh Should Be the Next Supreme Court Justice.

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