pacquiao accepts adam carolla's apology

Here's how it all went down. First, Adam Carolla levels a racist, idiotic tirade on his podcast, insulting boxer Manny Pacquiao, his fans, and basically, the entire nation of the Philippines. All in the name "comedy," of course.

Next, people got mad. A lot of people got really mad. Oh, you didn't think anybody would care that you called the Philippines a country of Pacquiao and "sex tours"?

Then, Carolla issues a half-assed apology over Twitter, saying that he's sorry and "crossed the line." I wonder when he realized he had become the Philippines' number one -- when people started organizing online petitions against him, or when he realized they were going after his advertisers.

Either way, there are many who say the generic, tweeted apology was insincere and simply not enough. They're calling on Carolla to formally apologize for his actions: Online petition organizers: Carolla's apology not enough.

Meanwhile, Manny Pacquiao himself has forgiven Carolla ("I have accepted his sorry"), calling on his fans and the media not to blow the issue out of proportion: Manny Pacquiao forgives Adam Carolla for verbally attacking him.

Personally, I like seeing Adam Carolla sweat a little. All this controversy sends the message that if he thinks he has free rein to hurl racist and idiotic insults about whoever and whatever he wants, he should also know that he will indeed feel the repercussions.

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