patrick mcdermott is alive and kicking it in mexico

Some fresh details on the whereabouts of Patrick McDermott, the former boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John who went 'missing' off the California coast five years ago: Olivia Newton-John's former boyfriend living in Mexico.

McDermott was thought to have fallen overboard during a night fishing trip off the California coast in 2005. There was speculation that McDermott, who had financial troubles, might have staged his own death, and over the years there have been several reported sightings along Mexico's Pacific coast.

Last week, a private investigator hired by a television network said he had now concluded "beyond a reasonable doubt" that McDermott was indeed still alive, chillin' and working on a yacht in the small, sleepy Pacific resort town of Sayulita.

So now what? There is no indication that McDermott is guilty of any wrongdoing. Despite his financial woes, his monthly life insurance payments have been continued and there has been no attempt to cash in the policy, according to investigators. More here: Found! Olivia Newton-John's Missing Beau Really Did Fake Death.

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