the return of glee

Glee fans! Are you excited about the mid-season premiere? I have seen the episode, and it's darn good fun. Though, as always, I wish "Asian" (Jenna Ushkowitz) and "Other Asian" (Harry Shum Jr.) got a little more screen time. That said, here's a cool clip from the episode where we get to see Harry get down.

By the way, perusing the airport newsstand the other day, I happened to notice that the Glee cast is on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone -- well, the Caucasian cast of Glee, to be precise.

I get it, these are the show's main characters. It's just a obvious reminder that it's awesome to see such great diversity on Glee... but never forget who the show's real stars are supposed to be, and who usually gets relegated to the periphery.

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