we get it, you love asian girls

Oh, come on. Received a heads up about the latest track from Murs and 9th Wonder, "Asian Girl," off of their upcoming album ForNever. You can listen to audio of the track here: Murs & 9th Wonder "Asian Girl" feat. 9thmatic.

It's a pathetic cliche, really. The song appears to be their pathetic attempt to "show love" to all the Asian girls out there. Nice try. To quote Ileen, who sent me the link, "As an Asian woman, I have to say, I'm flattered. Yea, not really."

It's all kinds of awful. Straight up ignorant, stereotypical, exoticizing nonsense. I am immediately reminded of Bloodhound Gang's crappy-ass "Yellow Fever" song from ten years back. Same shit, different decade.

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