are you missing a grandma?

Who is this woman? In San Jose, Valley Medical Center is asking for the public's help in identifying an elderly Asian woman brought in by police two days ago: Hospital asks: Do you know this elderly patient?.

The woman, who appears to be in her mid-to-late 80s, is unable to identify herself and has no identification. She speaks Cantonese and Vietnamese. She was wearing a pink shirt and a tan cardigan with raised knit flowers when she arrived at the hospital.

The woman was brought in Monday by San Jose police. Hospital employees had hoped her family might have showed up by now, but they've had to open it up to the public for help. Do you know this woman?

I really hope this is not a case of abandonment.

The woman is 5 feet tall. In addition to the pink shirt and tan sweater, she was wearing pink pants and tan rubber sandals. Anyone with information can call the hospital at 408-885-4090 and ask for the charge nurse.

UPDATE: The mystery grandma, identified as Vinh Thi Troung of San Francisco, has been reunited with her family: Mystery San Jose hospital patient reunited with family.
Valley Medical Center spokeswoman Joy Alexiou said the woman's daughter came to get her mother Wednesday night, after recognizing her from the news coverage.

Earlier in the day, the hospital put out an urgent news request and a photograph of the mystery patient seeking the public's help in identifying the woman, who was brought to VMC on Monday.

The woman, believed to be in her mid- to late-80s, had no identification and could not explain where she lived or who she was. She does not speak English.

Alexiou said the hospital has since learned that the woman, Vinh Thi Troung of San Francisco, was first spotted by a passerby who saw her looking confused at Post Street and South Almaden Avenue in downtown San Jose.

Her family said they aren't sure exactly how she got to San Jose, but she did have a bus ticket in her pocket.
Thank goodness she's back with her family. But how the heck did the 80-something year old lady end up in San Jose on her own in the first place?

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