available now: david choi's by my side

David Choi's sophomore album, By My Side, is finally out. A year in the making, and entirely self-produced -- written, performed, mixed, and recorded -- by David, it's twelve solid songs from your favorite YouTube crooner. Here's a special message from David regarding the release:

For your information, here's the album's track listing:
1. Better You
2. By My Side
3. That Girl
4. You Can Win
5. Uneasy
6. A Dream
7. This is a Way
8. Amy Ave
9. Heaven’s Ease
10. Deserve to Be
11. So Weightless
12. What Do You Know

In conjunction with the album's release, he's partnered up with the guys from Wong Fu Productions to create this music video for "That Girl," featuring lots of shots of David looking sad, then happy, then sad. Nicely done.

As for the album, I downloaded my copy from iTunes, and have listened to it a couple of times. If you like David Choi's easygoing style, you'll probably dig By My Side. The guy's music has a unique charm and sensitivity, and simply put, he knows how to write a catchy tune.

For more information about David Choi and the new album, visit his website here, or his YouTube channel here. The album is available from the usual places like iTunesicon and Amazon, and of course, the David Choi store.

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