british national party candidate gets into a street brawl

A bunch of folks have sent me this video out of England, of a fight that broke out between Bob Bailey, a British National Party parliamentary candidate, and some Asian men as party members were out campaigning in east London: Asian men and BNP candidate Bob Bailey clash in Barking. Take a look at the video:

The video shows Bailey on the street, confronted by hecklers in Barking. Things quickly got physical when one of the youths spat in his face, provoking a flurry of punches that gave way to an all-out brawlbetween the two groups:
In scenes more familiar at pub closing time than in an election campaign, former Royal Marine Bob Bailey punched and kicked a teenager on the floor.

The 44-year-old, who has boasted about his moves to 'professionalise' the far right party, got into the fight after he was confronted by hecklers in Barking, East London.

When he told them to 'move on' one of the youths spat in his face, provoking a flurry of punches which floored the teenager.

He aimed several kicks at the boy as he lay in the road before he and his entourage became embroiled in an all-out fight.

Security worker Mr Bailey, who is standing in the neighbouring constituency of Romford, stumbled over before picking himself up and repeatedly hitting a teenager while he was down.
Spitting on someone's face is low... but is this the behavior of a man trying to win political office? Maybe in London. And probably for the British National Party. More here: Caught on camera: BNP candidate punches and kicks Asians after being spat at on campaign trail.

By the way, for my fellow Americans who don't know squat about British politics... you should know that the BNP is far-right political party formed as a splinter group from the National Front. Until 2009, it restricted membership to people of "Caucasian origin." (I looked all this up on Wikipedia.)

Yes, it's exactly what you think it is -- a white supremacist group disguised as a respectable political party. So can you blame these Asian guys for getting a little angry when the BNP came calling in their neighborhood?

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