humiliation with a side of edamame

I've been hearing from a bunch of folks who saw this on Jezebel... So apparently, if you to RA Sushi in Hungtington Beach, and tell the waitstaff, "Me love you long time," you'll receive a complimentary order of edamame. Yum.

But you know how much I hate this phrase. Jezebel's headline pretty much sums it up: Act Like A Vietnamese Prostitute, Get Free Edamame.
A California sushi restaurant has been offering free edamame -- as long as you're willing to say "Me love you long time" to the waitstaff. And apparently the idea worked so wonderfully that it's spreading!

The Huntington Beach branch of chain RA Sushi seems to have launched the promotion in early April, according to a Facebook post. The company's Facebook wall also included the lovely image above. Of course, saying "Me love you long time" (a line originally uttered by a Vietnamese prostitute in Full Metal Jacket) requires patrons to a) copy a racist caricature, b) copy a racist caricature of a person from Vietnam, a country not necessarily known for its sushi, and c) totally humiliate themselves.
This idiotic promotion, apparently, has proven quite popular. RA Sushi has reportedly expanded the promotion to its Chicago location (but over there, it's "You love me long time"). So go on! Humiliate thyself. Small price to pay for some free baby soybeans, right?

If you do find yourself at this restaurant, I suggest wearing this t-shirt and just giving them a long, hard look. Then walk out the door and head over to a sushi place that gives you free edamame and miso soup without the disrespect.

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