ki-won, first of the hundred

This video tells the amazing story of Ki-Won, the first refugee rescued in TheHundred, LiNK's ambitious campaign to rescue one hundred refugees from North Korea:

Ki-Won is 75 years old. Born in China after his parents fled North Korea during Japanese colonization, he returned to North Korea in his 20s and married Hayoung a year later. In his 60s, Ki-Won escaped to China with Hayoung to find food.

Since Ki-Won had been out of China – his birthplace – for 40 years, the Chinese government denied him citizenship, so the couple hid in the underground for over 10 years until LiNK brought them out into our Southeast Asia shelter.
The cost of one rescue, which provides food, shelter, transit, guides, paperwork and other incurred expenses along the way, is $2500. To learn more about what you can do to support and rescue TheHundred, go to LiNK's website here.

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