man arrested in brutal attack on woman in queens

Yesterday in New York, a 23-year-old Chinese woman was left brain dead after an assailant slammed her in the head with a pipe, dragged her into an alley and sexually abused her: Qns. attack leaves woman brain dead.

Carloz Salazar Cruz has been charged with attempted murder, assault, aggravated sex abuse and criminal possession of a weapon:
Officials say the victim -- identified as a 23-year-old woman -- was walking on 41st Road near Main Street in downtown Flushing around 9 p.m., when the suspect suddenly appeared and dragged her into an alley where he beat and raped her.

A passerby, who saw the incident happening, immediately called 911.

Officer arrived on time to nab the 28-year-old drunken suspect as he began walking away from the crime scene.

The victim was rushed to New York Hospital in Queens in critical condition after sustaining life-threatening head injuries.
The news coverage of this story is pretty limited, so there's no further word on the identity of the victim or her condition. As for the suspect, the guy needs to go to jail forever. More here: Man Arrested in Brutal Sexual Attack of Woman in Queens.

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