miss teen south carolina does the chink-eye too!

This is a few months old, but a good reader named Cindy just informed me of this photo, and you know I can't resist when someone does the good ol' chink-eye.

Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton is best known for her fabulously idiotic diarrhea-of-the-mouth pageant moment, which I like to refer to simply as "maps." (Over 41 million views and counting!) These days, she's been trying to redeem herself as a contestant on The Amazing Race.

And now, with this photo, uncovered on a friend's Facebook page, we get to see another side of Ms. Upton -- there's so much more to her than just "maps." Not only is she kind of a dumbass, she also enjoys racial mockery! Caite and Miley Cyrus should hang out and do a photoshoot or something.

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