say goodbye to heroes

Speaking of Asian heroes dying... Here's some bad news for the small handful of you still watching Heroes. Rumor has it, NBC is pulling the plug on the show: NBC Is Likely to Cancel Heroes. I know -- some of you are asking, "Wait, that show's still on?"

It's not official, but the network is apparently pretty confident about its new fall shows, which doesn't make a lot of room for once-popular superhero series. While the ratings were abysmal, some were holding out for a fifth season:
Believe it or not, this is actually something of a surprise. Even though less than 5 million die-hard fans bothered to tune into last February's season-four finale (down from a peak of just under 17 million viewers who were watching at the start of season two), observers had figured NBC would find a way to keep Heroes around, if only as an insurance policy in case all of its new offerings flopped this fall. And since the show is wholly owned by NBC Universal, some speculated that the money generated by DVDs and international sales of the show would be enough of an incentive for NBC to give the show one more shot.
It's not official, but all signs point to cancellation. It's too bad. While I was among the many who fell off the bandwagon somewhere around that awful second season, I always appreciated that Heroes, next to shows like Lost and Grey's Anatomy, had perhaps one of the most racially diverse casts -- which included Masi Oka, Sendhil Ramamurty and James Kyson Lee -- on prime time television. For that reason, it will be missed. More here: 'Heroes' Canceled?.

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