shanghai restoration project and neocha presents eXpo

Check out the Shanghai Restoration Project's new record, eXpo, a compilation of independent Chinese electronic artists released in celebration of the World Expo in Shanghai. The project was co-produced by SRP and Neocha, a leading online artist community site in China. I'm listening to it right now as a I write this.

SRP's Dave Liang tells me that the goal of this project is to showcase artists who have historically been difficult to identify due to language barriers and an underdeveloped music market. This release will also mark the first time many of these musicians will be compensated for their work.

Check out this cool promo video for the project. Here's also an interview from The FADER with Dave and Sean Leow of Neocha: Interview: The Shanghai Restoration Project and Neocha on Electronic Music from China.

If you want to support these artists and check out some cool, underground electronic music coming out of China, give eXpo a listen. For more information, go to the eXpo release website here. And of course, you can purchase it at iTunesicon and Amazon, etc.

Oh, and to celebrate the release of the new record, Shanghai Restoration Project will be performing in New York City on Saturday, May 15 at the 92Y Tribeca. For more information, including tickets and program details, go here. Come out and see Dave create cool music.

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