steven yeun cast in amc's the walking dead

The Walking Dead is a popular, critically-acclaimed comic book series about a group of people who band together to survive in a world stricken by a zombie apocalypse. I haven't had a chance to read it, but I'm told it's pretty awesome.

So...as you can imagine, fans were pretty pleased when it was announced that AMC, which has had some serious winners with original television shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, is in production with a series based on The Walking Dead. Does this mean we'll have another Asian guy on TV?

I'm told that one of the central characters in the book, Glenn, is Asian American, and it looks like they'll be keeping him in the television series. Here's a brief description of Glenn from The Walking Dead Wiki:
Glenn is a younger member of the survivor group, and a central character within the series. He is prominent figure within the survivors; other than Rick and Andrea, he is one of the only adult survivors of the original group.

Before the epidemic, Glenn was a pizza delivery boy in massive debt. His financial malaise was so extreme, he almost lost everything. He begrudgingly stated this problem would have forced him to crawl back to his estranged parents for help. His hopes for anything to get him out of it came true, in a way, when the dead began to rise.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, newcomer Steven Yeun has been cast Glenn: AMC adds actor, producer to 'Walking Dead.' He doesn't have a lot of credits to his name but here's his IMDb profile.

Sounds like it's a pretty cool project to be a part of... The question is, how close will they follow the source material? I'm looking forward to seeing The Walking Dead TV series, but before that, I will definitely have to check out the comic book. (Thanks, Tony.)

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