chinese apple developer gets mugged on the bus

So you've got an iPad. How cool are you? But be careful where you bust that thing out. Stone (just one name), a Chinese Apple developer, was recently in San Francisco to attend WWDC2010, when he got mugged on the bus.

Of course, the robber wanted his precious iPad: Chinese Developer Gets Robbed, Steve Jobs Shows Concern. Stone got pretty banged up, and the iPad screen was cracked in the scuffle. But it ends well.
Here's the story. The victim, Stone, is a Chinese Apple developer from Tencent, the company which created China's most popular IM software QQ. He's invited by Apple to attend WWDC2010. Being a tech guy, he brought along his iPad on the trip. During the conference, he got robbed on a bus in San Francisco. In the fight with the robber, he got hurt with rib broken, and his iPad failed to survive. The screen was completely shattered. Then, he took it to the Apple store for repair. The Apple genius felt bad for his tragedy. So, Stone got a new one in return and at the same time, Steve Jobs wrote three words to comfort him: "safe travels home."
A replacement iPad and an email from the big man himself. More details and photos here. Another satisfied Apple user. Now if they could just stop all the crazy stuff going down at the Foxconn factory. Or hook me up with the iPhone 4 that I was unable to pre-order yesterday.

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