the chinese are coming to california, courtesy of amway

The Chinese invasion is coming! But we're not talking about the Red Dawn remake. Direct sales company Amway is sending 13,000 of its top Chinese sellers to spend a week in the United States as a reward: Amway is sending 13,000 of its top Chinese sellers to Southern California.

Amway has a worldwide sales for of 3 million people in 80 countries -- and China is its biggest market, with 200,000 "independent business owners" selling its products door to door and recruiting other salespeople. It seems they've been doing quite well:
The Michigan-based company is footing the bill for 13,000 of its top Chinese sellers to spend a week here - at a cost of about $80 million. Those who earned the perk for themselves and their spouses have brought in the equivalent of at least $160,000 in annual sales of such items as makeup, toothpaste, dishwashing liquid and its Nutrilite vitamin supplements.

Tourism officials say it's one of the largest international tour groups they've ever seen - a propitious sign, they hope, of things to come.

"It's about the future and what we see the Chinese visitors representing to L.A. for the long term," said Caroline Beteta, president and chief executive of the California Travel and Tourism Commission. "Last year a total of 277,000 Chinese visitors spent $402 million in the state. We are seeing substantial growth. They are putting Californians to work."
First of all, I had no idea Amway was still around. Not only still around, but thriving. It seems there is a huge market for selling useless crap in China, as well as persuading your friends to sell useless crap. Anyway, if you happen see a lot of Chinese people at Disneyland this week, you know what's up.

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