chinese farmer defends his turf with homemade rockets

This is pretty badass. In China, a farmer threatened with eviction has resorted to using improvised rockets to defend his right to land ownership. They're trying to kick him out to make way for commercial buildings, but the guy is going to keep them out by any means necessary: Farmer defends his turf.

Since February, Yang Youde, a 56-year-old farmer living on the outskirts of Wuhan, capital of Central China's Hubei province, has foiled two attempts to flatten his hut by using homemade "rocket-like weapons."
The rockets, made from fireworks Yang bought from a local market, could reach up to 100 meters and make a deafening sound, as was shown in a mock attack.

Local police had come to persuade him to hand in the rockets, citing laws regulating highly inflammable and explosive materials. But Yang refused and insisted that they are only fireworks.

In early February, some 30 demolition workers tried to evict Yang. They hid behind the excavators when Yang set off fireworks aimed at them.

"When the fireworks ran out, they came over and beat me," said Yang.

The police came to his rescue after nearby residents made calls and the police dispersed the workers, according to Yang.

In late May, Yang withstood the second offensive of the demolition corps on a shoddy watchtower until the police arrived. More than 100 people were deterred after he fired several shots of the rockets.

Farmer Yang don't play. Take that, demolition workers! He's not leaving. Check out the photo of his homemade fire cannon device, made from fireworks and pipes. I'm pretty sure I saw a similar contraption on an episode of Mythbusters, based on an ancient weapon. More here: China farmer uses cannon to fight eviction.

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