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After publishing for eight years, Hyphen magazine is at a crossroads, and wants to hear from you. Looking to the future, they're calling on readers and e-newsletter subscribers to take a survey so they can better understand how to serve you and the community. Read on for details:
After eight years, Hyphen is at a crossroads, and as our valued reader and supporter, we hope you'll share your thoughts on how we can keep moving in the right direction.

We've grown into an organization that not only produces a nationally distributed magazine, but also a website that illuminates the people and places of Asian America. There are 10,000 individuals — like you — reading our magazine and e-Newsletters. We host sold-out events and work hand in hand with other organizations to build and support the community. Most importantly, we are providing Asian Americans with a platform to voice their diverse opinions on arts, culture and politics.

But as we look toward the future, Hyphen faces challenging questions: How do we continue to make a difference during this tumultuous time for mainstream, ethnic, and community media? How can we do our very best to keep you engaged and raise awareness? Above all, how can we ensure that Hyphen is scalable and sustainable?

By taking just a few minutes to fill out an online survey that you can find at the link below, you can send us your feedback, which we will use to formulate a strategic plan for the road ahead.
Take the survey here: Hyphen magazine and E-Newsletter Subscriber Survey. (It's quick and easy.) You're encouraged to completely the survey by June 29. In the fall, the Hyphen staff will unveil their new plans to fight, survive and grow in the changign media landscape. For more information about Hyphen, go to the website here.

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