a jet plane full of pot

Asian behaving badly... drug mule edition! In Columbus, Ohio, 28-year-old Lisette Lee was arrested at the airport after walking off a private jet with 506 pounds of marijuana stashed in 13 suitcases: Feds: Woman took 506 pounds of pot to Ohio on jet. Damn, that's a lot of pot, girl.
Lisette Lee, the bodyguard and two personal assistants were arrested Monday night after the Drug Enforcement Administration got a tip that the 28-year-old woman was traveling with a suspicious amount of luggage.

After the chartered plane landed in Columbus, one of Lee's assistants and her bodyguard helped baggage workers unload some of the luggage, authorities said. It took two men to carry some of the large suitcases, which were packed with bricks of pot, and three vehicles to carry all the luggage, authorities said.

Authorities also confiscated from Lee's bag three cell phones, cocaine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and suspected drug ledgers that showed some $300,000 in transactions.
I said damn, that's a lot of pot. Where were you going with all that, Lisette? That's a hell of a drug drop. More here: Beverly Hills woman carrying suitcases full of marijuana faces federal charges.

Lee was charged with conspiracy and possession of drugs with the intent to distribute. If convicted, she could face up to 40 years in prison and a fine of up to $2 million.

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