the man from north korea: episode one

Check out episode one The Man From North Korea, a new web series written by Anson Ho and directed by Evan Jackson Leong of Arowana Films. It tells the story about a North Korean refugee who comes to Los Angeles:
This is a story about a North Korean refugee, JAE, who comes to Los Angeles to speak at a human rights conference about the situation in North Korea. His arrival has brought a lot of attention and although his journey is righteous there will be consequences to his delivery. This whole quest takes place in one nite in Los Angeles's ethnic enclave known as K-Town.
The project was actually shot and edited over a year ago, but they're finally releasing the first installment now. Take a look:

Pretty suspenseful. The series stars J-Splif from Far East Movement, who plays the title character. Episode one also stars Lanny Kim and John Kim.

For more information, go to the Arowana Films website here, and to see future episodes subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

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