new music: taboo by sunny jain

I've been sampling some tracks from Sunny Jain's new project, Taboo, which will be released on June 10 from the Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records label (and currently available as a full digital download). It's a cool, poetic mix of South Asian-influenced jazz rhythms and instrumentals, with a political kick. Here's Sunny's description:
This project started through a desire and a sense of obligation to use my music as a platform to address social justice issues permeating the world, and that specifically speak to the South Asian community, where these matters are often considered "taboo": sexual orientation, inequality and violence upon women, and the juxtaposition of religions. The artistic inspiration was derived from ghazals, love poems, that have their origins in the Arabian Peninsula and eventually made their way to India in the 12th century. Ultimately, I wasn’t looking to create compositions based around love poems, but rather utilize the writings of modern day poets and lyricists in addressing the said issues. Lyrics and words by Ali Mir, Vikram Seth, Kishwar Naheed, Ifti Nasim, and Erin Thomas.
Here's a review of the album. And another one here. He's also throwing an album release party this Thursday, June 10 at Joe's Pub in New York City. Come help them celebrate. Here are some details:

Thursday, June 10th
Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette Street
New York City
Featuring: Marc Cary, Nir Felder, Gary Wang, Achyut Joshi, Sheetal Karhade and Shayna Steele
To buy advance tickets, go here. For more information about Sunny Jain's music, visit his website here. And to hear samples of Taboo, and to download the album ($10), go here.

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