olivia munn debuts on the daily show

Did you catch Olivia Munn on The Daily Show last night? G4's Attack of the Show co-host made her debut as Senior Asian Correspondent, reporting on the plight of Vietnamese fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico -- much to the dismay of fellow Daily Show correspondents Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Wyatt Cenac, and of course, Aasif Mandvi.

So is this just a one-time guest appearance, or a regular new gig for the fanboy-friendly beauty? It's being described as a "tryout": Olivia Munn trying out as "Daily Show" correspondent. So did she pass? I didn't think the bit was fall-out-of-my-chair funny. But she sure did look pretty.

By the way, here's a real video on the plight of Vietnamese fisherman affected by the oil spill in the Gulf Coast, courtesy of Green For All: Unheard voices from the Gulf Coast: Theresa Seafood Inc.

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