shay mitchell in pretty little liars

The new TV series Pretty Little Liars, based on the bestselling teen novel series, premieres tonight on ABC Family. The show follows the lives of four girls who were all in the same clique until their queen bee, Alison, mysteriously disappeared. Kind of sounds like Desperate Housewives for the Gossip Girl set.

The show's cast includes Shay Mitchell as Emily Fields, "an athletic girl who is struggling with her sexuality and the loss of her best friend." It's worth noting that in the books, Emily apparently isn't Asian or even part Asian. (Hailing from Toronto, Shay is of Filipino descent.)

If you look at the show's message board, there are mesages from incensed fans griping that Shay Mitchell doesn't look anything like how Emily is described in the books. Colorblind casting... or reverse-racebending? Ha! For once, it works the other way. How does it feel, Pretty Little Liar fans?

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