upcoming book: east eats west: writing in two hemispheres by andrew lam

Heads up. I recently heard from Andrew Lam, editor of New American Media, informing me that he's got a new book coming out in September. East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres is essentially a continuation of his previous book, Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora, but this time it's an emphasis on how Asian immigration has changed the west:
From cuisine and martial arts to sex and self-esteem, East Eats West shines new light on the bridges and crossroads where two hemispheres meld into one worldwide "immigrant nation." In this new nation, with its amalgamation of divergent ideas, tastes, and styles, today's bold fusion becomes tomorrow's classic. But while the space between East and West continues to shrink in this age of globalization, some cultural gaps remain.

In this collection of twenty-one personal essays, Andrew Lam, the award-winning author of Perfume Dreams, continues to explore the Vietnamese diaspora, this time concentrating not only on how the East and West have changed but how they are changing each other. Lively and engaging, East Eats West searches for meaning in nebulous territory charted by very few. Part memoir, part meditation, and part cultural anthropology, East Eats West is about thriving in the West with one foot still in the East.
Sounds pretty interesting. I'm looking forward to picking up the book when it comes out in the fall. For more information about the book, go to the publisher's website here. For more information about author Andrew Lam, go to his Red Room Writer Profile here.

UPDATE: I've updated the post with the book's super cool cover art.

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