injury eliminates alex from so you think you can dance

Aw hell. Alex Wong, who was absolutely kicking ass on So You Think You Can Dance, was eliminated yesterday after learning he required surgery for an injury sustained during the competition: So You Think You Can Dance's Alex Wong Eliminated Due to Lacerated Achilles Tendon:
Wong was injured Tuesday during rehearsals of his Bollywood number with Adechike Torbert, and was unable to perform on Wednesday night's show. The 23-year-old ballet dancer is set to undergo surgery on Tuesday in Los Angeles to reattach the tendon, though it will take at least three months to heal.

"It is just another thing you've got to get through in your life," Lythgoe said. "It will strengthen you."

With this type of injury, Lythgoe said there is a 20 percent chance that Wong's career in the dance world will be sidelined, but Wong insisted backstage that he is "a pretty positive person, so that's not going to happen."
This totally sucks. I heard from several people who watched last night's show, saying the announcement drove them to tears. This guy is an amazing dancer. Many believed he was the one to beat, and easily could have made it all the way to the end. Not this time. Best of luck to you, Alex.

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