music video: "angels" by jin

Check out the cool newly-launched music video for "Angels" by Jin, directed by Hosanna Wong and shot on location in Hong Kong. Take a look:

Hot track, cool visuals. The song is off of Jin's latest mix tape, Say Something, which was released online last month. It sounds like his most personal work yet:
"'Angels' is as straight forward as I can be in terms of being honest with my feelings and emotions on a record. The song is me stripping myself of ego and pride and really baring my soul on a track," said Jin.

Shot in the fast-paced city of Hong Kong, Jin explores his faith and aspirations in becoming an artist who changes people through his craft.

"I've been rapping for about 15 years now and I have to say that now more than ever, I actually feel like I've found my direction," said Jin. "It would be rewarding if [the listeners] were to walk away from it inspired or emotionally touched by the content."
Say Something is definitely a treat for fans who have been waiting around for a while for Jin to drop something in English again. Download the mixtape here. And for more information about Jin and his music, go to his website here.

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