new hampshire state house candidate wants to keep america white

You've got to be kidding me. In New Hampshire, Ryan Murdough is running as a Republican for a State House seat in Grafton County's 8th District. And he has a vision for a new America: white. He really believes he's fighting to keep America white: Candidate: Keep state's complexion white. This guy is for real:
It's a matter of black and white, says Ryan Murdough, Republican candidate for the State House in Grafton County's 8th District.

No room for gray area. And no room for Asians or Hispanics or Jews or African-Americans or American Indians, either.

Just Americans. Real Americans. Plymouth Rock Americans. White Americans who bleed red, white and blue. Uncle Sam wants them. To anyone else, don't let Lady Liberty hit you on the butt on your way out of New York Harbor.

You're not welcome here.
Don't get it twisted -- he apparently doesn't hate people who are not white. He just doesn't want to "live around areas that are heavily, predominantly non-white." The guy is a loon. The Republican party, of course, disowned him and ran the other way as soon as his crazy views emerged.

I love how this guy actually thinks he can believe what he believes and still somehow insist he's not a racist. Best of all, this guy works with special-needs kids at a youth center. The money quote: "I work directly with kids that are not white and people that are not white on a daily basis... I don't have a problem working with them. That would be immature to be mean to someone based on skin color."

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