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Got a question about Korea? Koreans? Korean-ness? If you've got a burning question, but have been too afraid to ask, the anonymous blogger behind Ask a Korean! has the answers: How Are Koreans Different? Please Ask.
At Ask a Korean!, a Q. and A.-style blog with an anonymous Korean writer, seemingly no question about Koreanness is too blunt or too sensitive to answer.

Do Koreans really eat dogs? (Yes.) Why do Koreans hate Japanese people? (It's complicated.) Is it possible to visually distinguish a Korean from other Asians? (Piece of cake.)
lost/Ask a Korean! In a May 2010 post, the Korean discussed the accuracy of the Korean accents on "Lost."

Readers are encouraged to ask anything, as long as they adhere to the blog's stringent editorial policies: Ask via e-mail only, questions asked via message boards are ignored; don't ask a question that has already been answered; check spelling, punctuation and grammar. ("Bad English really annoys the Korean, and he will frequently ignore poorly written questions.")
The blog is fun and informative. I found it hilarious to learn that it's popular among the often confounded expatriates living in Korea. And that post about the myth of Korean "Fan Death" is awesome. Koreans, you know what I'm talking about.

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