t-shirt love: banh mi

A reader named Ricky brings this funny t-shirt design to my attention: Banh Mi Dac Biet by Impress Ink Apparel. Get yours now for just $15, and wear it with pride. Here's the product description:
Banh Mi, name for vietnamese sub sandwiches, a popular and trendy food item nowdays.

This t-shirt is a mock of your most popular subway franchise brand..

Sports Gray Color, Unisex Fit S-XL

Custom Silk Screened on 100% Cotton Fashion Fit T-shirts.
For the record I'll take banh mi over a Subway sandwich any day, all day.

Impress Ink is a Florida-based Asian American-run company that provides t-shirt screen printing services to nonprofit and student organizations at a discounted rate. For more information, go to the Impress Ink website here and the Facebook page here.

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