the waiting game

Check out this short film, The Waiting Game, directed by Eddie Lee. It's an okay film, and really nicely shot. But that's actually not the important part.

For every view this video receives, The Jubilee Project will donate 24 cents to Liberty in North Korea's The Hundred campaign, which seeks to rescue 100 North Korean refugees. Here's how it works:
We have recruited people who are willing to donate 1 penny per view. (If you are still interested in donating, you can do so by emailing project.jubilee@gmail.com). After August 8, each sponsor will donate money based on how many views this video receives until then. So if the video receives 1500 views by August 8, they will donate $15. Proceeds will go to help refugees in North Korea. So, watch this video, post it on your facebook, send it to your friends, and help us to make a difference.
So take a look:

The film itself is fairly simple. This is the story of a young man's promise and a young woman's patience. How long will she wait for the love of her life?

The film was produced by The Jubilee Project, whose mission is to make videos for a good cause. And you actually just helped by watching this video. For more information about The Jubilee Project, go here. For more information about Liberty in North Korea, go here.

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