wong fu & kevjumba: funemployed episodes 4-7

I've been a bit busy lately, so I'm just catching up on Wong Fu Productions and KevJumba's webseries Funemployed. I previously posted episodes 1-3. Here are next few installments:

Episode Four: Rock the Interview. Kyle tries to help Jason with his job searching woes. The two decide it's time to de-stress.

Episode Five: Follow your... Dreams? Kyle gets a special visitor and message in a dream; a turning point in their unemployement.

Episode Six: Videos don't make money. Making videos isn't as easy as they thought. Time to find an alternative way to make money. Selling old junk!

Episode Seven: The music is in all of us. A new video contest has set Kyle in a new direction for online success.

Things have gone very meta up in this thing. I see where this is going. For behind-the-scenes commentary, outtakes and deleted scenes on all the episodes, follow along on the Wong Fu Productions blog here.

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