2010 jcpenney breakout performer contest: last chance to vote

Time is running out! You have exactly one more chance to vote in the 2010 JCPenney Breakout Performer Contest -- voting ends today, August 18. There are a lot of talented individuals on the Top 10, but I have to throw down one last time for my favorite of the bunch, "Parade" by worldismarble:

Want to get a super-catchy song stuck in your head? Watch this crazy cute video. In fact, watch all the videos then vote for your favorite here by the end of today. I'm rallying for you, worldismarble! (My other favorites are Esna Yoon, Sam Ock, Alex Shiau and Megan Lee.)

The top five vote-getters move on to the judging phase, where one winner will be picked and have the chance to perform next month at one of the 2010 International Secret Agents Concerts in Los Angeles or New York.

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