daughter of u.s. ambassador to thailand dies in window fall

Over the weekend, received the tragic news that Nicole John, the 17-year-old daughter of the U.S. ambassador to Thailand died Friday when she fell out of a 25th-floor apartment window ledge in Manhattan. She had just started her first year of college: Death of Nicole John, Ambassador's Daughter, an Accident.
Witnesses across the street saw her fall and called police, police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told The Associated Press.

"There was a party," a police official told ABC News. "It's believed she fell from the building."

The girl slipped off her shoes and climbed onto a ledge of the building with her camera before her fall, the AP reported, citing police officials.

The New York City Medical Examiner's Office ruled that her death was an accident.

"Nicole John died from blunt trauma due to injuries sustained from the fall," the medical examiner said in a statement released today.
A resident of the apartment, 25-year-old Ilan Nassmi, has been charged with illegally serving Ms. John alcohol. While police are still looking into what led to her fall, investigators believe she might have climbed out the window while trying to take a photo. More here: 22-Story Fall in Manhattan Kills Daughter of U.S. Envoy.

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