don't forget to validate your parking: "opera"

Mike Le is the creator of the webcomic Don't Forget To Validate Your Parking, which is loosely based on his experiences and observations working in Hollywood as "a screenwriter, a producer, and a wannabe lothario." It also occasionally addresses being Asian in the entertainment business.

The news is, Mike has started adapting the webcomic into a series of animated shorts with producers Jeff Balis and Rhoades Rader. They just launched the first episode, "Opera." Take a look:

My guess is, experiences like this are painfully closer to real life than the creator cares to admit. The goal is to hopefully build enough buzz to get it set up as an animated TV show, sort of along the lines of The Life & Times of Tim on HBO.

For further information, and more from Mike Le and Don't Forget To Validate Your Parking, go here. By the way, I should mention that Mike is also one of the producers of the Koreatown reality show that's currently in production. Hopefully, one these days, you'll see all of his work on television...

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