in theaters: step up 3d

Step Up 3D, the latest installment of the popular dance movie franchise, opens in theaters everywhere today. Jon M. Chu resumes his seat in the director's chair. I'd say between this movie and the dance adventure webseries The LXD, he's having a pretty kickass summer.

I have seen Step Up 3D. I have to say that it's not very good in any of the usual ways I care to enjoy movies... but it's absolutely fantastic in the one way that really matters: the mutha-effin' dancing. In 3-D! And seriously, isn't that really why you're paying to see a movie like this?

I can't say too many great things about the acting, and the story is not rooted in anything remotely resembling reality. But damn, the dancing kicks much ass. It's a like a crazy martial arts movie -- you're just waiting in between slower moments to get to the next fight scene.

By the way, the 3-D stuff is pretty spectacular, and used to great effect. I'm not crazy about this current wave of 3-D movies, but I could honestly say that there are some cool visuals going down in Step Up that I've never seen anybody try before. Sorry, ILM, but I'm going to say it: Step Up 3D has better visual effects than The Last Airbender.

Though it's a fairly small role, I was pleased to see Harry Shum Jr. from Glee reprise his role as Cable -- and I wasn't the only one. There were audible cheers in the theater when he first showed up on screen. There are definitely some Other Asian fans out there. Anyway, if you like dance movies, you'll dig Step Up 3D.

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