is filipino food the next big thing?

This San Francisco Chronicle article proposes that Filipino food might just be the next Asian cuisine to hit prime time, following the well-chronicled renaissance of Thai, Vietnamese and, most recently, Korean food in the Bay Area: Filipino food's new wave.
Restaurants like Intramuros in South San Francisco and the 2-month-old Attic in San Mateo - where Luym is the consulting chef - have opened in the last two years offering Filipino food in trendy settings.

In San Francisco, Filipino food trucks are now on the prowl, with Adobo Hobo, Senor Sisig and others serving classic street food. Mercury Lounge chef/owner Dominic Ainza is also hosting a series of cooking classes later this month with lumpia and adobo in the spotlight.

"There's been this resurgence of Filipino cooks wanting to look toward their cuisine and push that forward," Luym says. "It's an exciting time."
The article also provides a handy little cheat sheet for the uninitiated. Frankly, I'm surprised it hasn't caught on sooner. Filipino food is good! And soon, maybe the rest of America will know it too.

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