racist graffiti spree hits asian strip mall

News out of the Vancouver area... Richmond RCMP are looking for two white males who went on a racist graffiti spree last week at an Asian strip mall: Racist, hate-filled graffiti in Richmond targets cops, Chinese.

The two men, who were caught on security cameras, filled two levels of a stairwell with felt marker graffiti, which included threats against police and racial slurs against Asians:
One of the suspects wrote "F--k the Chinese" next to a Swastika, and wrote "KKK" beneath it.

They also wrote "187 a pig" and "187 on an undercover cop" and "F--k the police."

The term "187" is used by some police agencies to refer to a homicide, so the graffiti could be read as a threat against police.

The scrawls have all the earmarks of a tweaking crackhead indulging in a stream-of-consciousness rant.

"I just got out of jail and I'm high," one of them wrote.

The word "jailbird" also appears a few times. A number of individuals are also named in the kind sophomoric trash-talk one finds scrawled on high school bathroom stalls.
My guess is, it's a bunch of idiot kids stirring shit just for kicks. According to authoritis, while graffiti would typically warrant a charge of mischief, the racism in the writing could raise the incident to a hate crime. Anyone with information about the culprits are urged to contact the police at 604-278-1212.

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