t-shirt love: think alternative

Fresh from Comic-Con, check out this cool and funny new t-shirt design by artist Martin Hsu: Think Alternative, celebrating the alt-energy-minded.

Sure, everybody's got t-shirts of the tough guys -- Bruce Lee, Manny Pacquiao, Optimus Prime -- but nerds need some love too. Steven Chu is the Secretary of Energy. I think that deserves a sweet shirt design:
NEW Tee of 2010 Summer!

Super Asian nerds are awesome! Especially when they're solar powered like our Secretary of Enerygy- Steven Chu! Aside from his stylish frames, I heard his favorite accessories are bike helmet, laser beams, and wind turbines!

Locally printed in Los Angeles on American Apparel 100% fine jersey cotton basic tee.
A t-shirt tribute has been long overdue. Bruce kicked many asses. But Steven Chu is responsible for saving the damn planet. Your descendants will thank him. Get your Think Alternative shirt at Martin Hsu's website here. Wear it with pride, and spread the word.

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