troy polamalu's hair is insured for a million bucks

If you've ever watched a Pittsburgh Steelers game, you've seen Troy Polamalu... and his hair. It's kind of hard to miss, even under the helmet. Turns out, the safety's proud Samoan locks are insured for a million bucks: Troy Polamalu has hair insured.
The long, flowing black hair that tumbles out of Polamalu's helmet and down his back -- it's nearly three feet long -- has been insured for $1 million by Head and Shoulders, the shampoo brand that is endorsed by the Pittsburgh Steelers safety.

The insurance was obtained through Lloyd's of London, which did not reveal what must be done to Polamalu's hair for anyone to collect on the policy.

Polamalu's hair has been targeted by an opposing NFL player at least once -- the Chiefs' Larry Johnson tackled Polamalu by the hair during a 49-yard interception return in a 2006 game.

Polamalu, a five-time Pro Bowl player, wears his hair long as a tribute to his Samoan heritage.
Polamalu is a spokesman for Head and Shoulders (and his commercials are actually quite funny -- this one's my favorite) so I suppose his signature hair is pretty valuable. I guess I'm just curious -- what exactly do they think is going to happen to his hair?

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