what I'm listening to: the sweet hurt lp

Last night, I downloaded the new self-titled LP from The Sweet Hurt, aka Wendy Wang. I really enjoyed her In the Shade of Dreams EP, so I got the new record as soon as I heard it was out. I've been listening to it all morning, and I love it. Here's the track listing:
1. Always Knew 03:07
2. Part Of Me 03:53
3. Things Fall Apart 03:55
4. Take This Away 04:51
5. Hugs 03:35
6. Maybe Someday (feat. Priscilla Ahn) 03:08
7. I Can't Help You 03:32
8. By The Time 02:31
9. How Does It Feel 04:19
10. I Stare Up 03:09
11. I'm Failing You 03:20
She's just got this really beautiful, melodic indie pop sound. A quick glance at the album credits reveals she got some help from cool friends like Priscilla Ahn and Bobby Choy (aka Big Phony), who I'm also a big fan of.

The physical CD is only available at shows right now, but you can get the digital album right now here for $8. (You can also stream and listen to the album.) And for more information about The Sweet Hurt, go to her MySpace page here.

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