yet another japanese outfielder's amazing catch

By now, you've recovered from the awesomeness of Japanese outfielder Masato Akamatsu's badass "Spider-Man"-like catch a few weeks ago... But wait! Believe it or not, it happened again. Take a look:

Same ballpark, same teams, same pitcher on the mound. Once again, it's the Hiroshima Toyo Carp robbing the Yokohama BayStars of a home run. This time, it's center fielder Amaya Soichiro doing that crazy move on the outfield wall. He must have learned a few things from watching Akamatsu.

The best part has to be the look on pitcher Saitou Yuki's face. The guy can't believe it! By the way, what kind of team name is "Carp"? More here: Spider-Man 2: Another unbelievable Japanese wall catch.

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