album release: stay by heather park

Awwww yeah. Our friend, soul songstress Heather Park is releasing her long-awaited new album Stay. I haven't heard it yet, but I was a huge fan of her first album Dream in Pictures, and her first single "Trust You" is all kinds of hot stuff. Here's the music video, in case you missed it:

You can get a free download of the single here. Or you can preview and buy the entire album at CD Baby and iTunes. Here's the track listing:
1. Woman Warrior
2. Somebody Else
3. Just Can't Wait
4. Endless Possibilities
5. If I Didn't Love You
6. Thought It Was You
7. Trust You
8. Holding On
9. Stay With Me Till Dawn
10. Now You're Gone
11. I See You
12. Stay
13. Woman Warrior Remix
So, want to party?

To celebrate the release of Stay -- five years in the making! -- Heather's throwing an official release party. It's happening this Tuesday, September 28 at Crash Mansion in New York. But you have to be on the guest list, so RSVP at guest@stushmusic.com.

For more information about Heather Park and her music, go to her website here. And buy the new album here.

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