apply for the caam fellowship program

Here's a really awesome opportunity for young filmmakers... The Center for Asian American Media introduces the CAAM Fellowship Program, connecting young, talented individuals with leading media professionals in the field.

Selected fellows will get a mentor of their choosing, professional guidance, a two-day retreat, and participation in a producer's workshop. Here's some more information:
Furthering CAAM's work to nurture Asian American media professionals and advance the field of Asian American media, the first annual CAAM Fellowship Program will connect young, talented individuals with leading professionals in the field. The CAAM Fellowship Program is unique in its field-wide approach seeking to develop the talents and skills of a range of media professions including filmmakers, actors, exhibition specialists and film critics.

Participating fellows will have access to the leading Asian American talent in film and television. Each fellowship will be individually tailored to best fit the needs of the fellows and advisors. Fellowships will range from fully integrated collaborations to regular feedback on current projects to an ongoing dialogue about professional development. Furthermore, fellows will have the opportunity to connect with the larger community of Asian American media professionals through a Producers Workshop at CAAM's festival and a CAAM Fellowship Program Retreat hosted by CAAM for all participating advisors and fellows.

The CAAM Fellowship Program Retreat will allow the mentor - mentee pairs to spend two full days together in a quiet and peaceful environment where they can focus on the mentees' career, whether it is a script being developed or an acting career that needs some guidance.

The CAAM Fellowship Program is made possible with special support provided by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).
I heard that there was a lot of work and planning by some awesome people to put this program together. If you're interested in applying, get more information and download the application form at the CAAM website here.

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