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Hey, everybody. I'm back from vacation, fresh from many crazy adventures in the Motherland. I wouldn't call it a very relaxing trip, but I definitely appreciated the break. A huge thanks to all the wonderful guest bloggers who stepped up and contributed some really awesome entries while I was away. To recap, check them all out here:

Helen Gym: a new school year begins at south philly high

Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai: kindness over genius

Brian Hu: who's allowed to be angry?

Kristina Wong: going green the wong way

Hari Kondabolu: fuck joel stein!

Ling Woo Liu: why korematsu day is important

Konrad Ng: the call of the mall

Eddie Kim: k-town's groundbreaking reality show

Parry Shen: the "don" scene

Pierre Kim: dear metrodad

Bobby Choy: random big phony

Oliver Wang: the ballad of chol soo lee

Lynn Chen: eat food. not too much. mostly chinese.

Kathy Khang: teaching leaders to understand social media

Jerry Ma: su*per*he*ro

Far East Movement: inspiring angry asian women

Kristina Wong: five reasons why I need you to be a "pawn-of-the-man" button pushing automaton through the month of september

Michael Kang: 3g upgrade

Joy Osmanski: roundtrip

L.S. Kim: back-to-school and the art of choice

David Choi: youtube and the asian movement

Tanzila Ahmed: from roots to city hall

Randall Park: fresh kid ice

Ryan Suda: a trip to knott's berry farm

Bao Phi: the yellow plague: asians and asian americans in post-apocalyptic and zombie fictions

Paula Yoo: roundtable interview on multicultural lit

Phil Wang: racism on youtube videos??

Karin Wang: the more things change, the more they stay the same - the asian american and "hot button" issues chapter

Gene Luen Yang: the illustrious and superlative fu chang

Jay Chen: confucius say... don't hate

Thanks again! I owe you all a drink. Now, back to blogging as usual. I came home to a massive pile of emails, and I have quite a bit to catch up on. Unfortunately, jet lag is seriously kicking my ass, so this is going to be slow. Your patience is appreciated.

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