far east movement's "like a g6" is #1 on itunes

Took this screen shot last night, because I wanted commemorate this kickass moment. Take a look where "Like a G6" sits on on the list of Top 10 singles. My boys in Far East Movement, aka the hardest working guys in hip hop, have the number one song on iTunes. That's amazing.

Every time it's on the radio, I crank it up. Wait... you mean you haven't heard the song? Listen to it here. Or request to hear it on your local hip hop/dance radio station. Right now.

What's also kind of amazing is that Bruno Mars holds the number two spot with "Just the Way You Are," and several other spots are occupied by the Glee cast (which includes Ms. Jenna Ushkowitz) with the songs from last night's episodes. For real! Asians dominating the iTunes charts? Sort of.

And what's also amazing to me, in a completely different way, is that there's an actual song called "Gonerrhea." And it's number seven.

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