hey losers! move to thailand, find a wife

This New York Times article, on the Isaan region in northeastern Thailand, completely grossed me out. The area is apparently known for a rapidly expanding population of foreign husbands -- men who have come to Thailand explicitly seeking an Asian partner: A Thai Region Where Husbands Are Imported.

He is part of an expanding population of nearly 11,000 foreign husbands in the region, drawn by the low cost of living, slow pace of life and the exotic reputation of Thai women - something like a brand name for Western men seeking Asian partners. "Thai women are a lot like women in America were 50 years ago," said Mr. Davis, before they discovered their rights and became "strong-headed and opinionated."

"The women now know they are equal," said Mr. Davis, a retired Naval officer who has been divorced twice, "so the situation is not as relaxed and peaceful as it is between an American and a Thai lady."

It is easy to spot the foreigners’ homes, with their sturdy walls and red-tiled roofs, an archipelago of affluence among the smaller, poorer houses of their new neighbors and in-laws.

Mixed couples are common on the streets and in the markets of Udon Thani. One street where Western men gather to eat and drink is popularly known as "Foreign Son-in-Law Street."
This is not anything new -- there are lots of Western dudes out there looking to, uh, find love with submissive Oriental lotus blossom. On the other side of the equation, sadly, there are Asian women who see marriage with a Western man as means for upward economic mobility. There’s an entire marriage industry exploiting this dynamic. I guess I didn’t realize there was also an entire region of Thailand dedicated these relationships.

Blech. Perhaps what saddens me most is that some sad sack loser living in his mom's basement in Fresno is going to read this article and it'll hit him: "Daaaaamn! White guys like me have got it made in Thailand! I have to get myself to Isaan and get me some of that!" Pathetic.

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