homefront video game: this is what the north korean occupation will look like

Got this from a reader who happens to be an actor... He received an audition for an internet ad campaign for the video game Homefront, which imagines an oppressive North Korean occupation of the United States. These are actual sides for the audition:
This surburbia has gone to rot with overgrown lawns, garbage and decay. A large army truck is in the background and a ragtag group of AMERICANS are getting on it, carrying ratty suitcases. KOREAN SOLDIERS oversee the operation.

Its evident that the camera is hidden and recording from an unseen vantage point.

The camera shifts and zooms in as two KOREAN SOLDIERS are pulling a dirty HOMEOWNER out of his broken down house.

I'm staying! This is my house. I paid for it! Get your fucking hands off me.

The soldiers pull the man into the street and then hold him as a KOREAN CAPTAIN runs up to the altercation.

What is the problem, soldier?

He refuses to leave his home.

American comrade, you are being relocated to a better place where you will have food and shelter.

Fuck you, I ain't no comrade! This is my home. This is America. I can live where I want!

The homeowner spits on the Captain and struggles against the soldiers holding him.

The Captain wipes the spit from his face, calmly pulls a pistol from his belt and shoots the American in the head. The soldiers walk back to the truck as the body bleeds out.
Here's another side:
The Korean hostage sits against a concrete wall between two masked American resistance members. He wears a Korean army uniform that is dirty and torn and has bruises on his face. His left arm lies broken in a dirty sling. When he speaks he is emotionless, almost as if he's reading from a script.

My name is Lee Yang and I am a solider of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. My blood type is A+. I was captured five days ago by brave American freedom fighters.

What was your personal mission?

I was sent to Montana to make sure that the Americans who lived here did as they were told. It was also my personal duty to help oversee and supervise the loading of train cars filled with minerals for shipment to San Diego.

What do you think now?

I know what Korea is doing is wrong. I understand that I was a bad person, a bad soldier. I wish nothing more now than to help the Americans by telling them everything I know about army movements and what we are doing in the area. Long live America.

America is fighting back. This will be the fate of any Koreans who try to stop us. We will take as many hostages as we can. Save yourself. Get out of our country. Long Live America!
I've already mentioned this game several times before, because it's been connected to several bad publicity stunts. Clearly, the marketing is aiming for subtle. It's evident that this game is designed to scare the crap out of you, preying on America's worst xenophobic fears. I'll pass.

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