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Culture Breach Exclusive: Jeremy Lin blog summit: In honor of Asian America's newest basketball hero, Jeremy Lin, the recently launched blog Culture Breach posted a pretty interesting blogger conversation between Oliver Wang, Jay Kang and Hua Hsu.

Pasadena Weekly Column Draws Criticism for "Racist Remarks": Joz writes about a recent column by Jim Laris in the Pasadena Weekly which seems to be an attempt at humor, but only comes off as unfunny and racist.

Asian Americans need just as much help as other minorities in education sector: When it comes to acquiring a college degree, there is a general assumption that Asian Americans do it best. Congressman Mike Honda explains why this assumption is both erroneous and dangerous.

Long Duk Dong and the Minority Actor's Dilemma: Our friend Randall Park, newest columnist for KoreAm, traces back his long history of bad luck with the ladies to the legacy of one person: Gedde Watanabe, aka Long Duk Dong.

DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Shhhhhhhh-E-X: Diana over at Disgrasian talks about never talking about the forbidden subject that we Asians are never ever ever supposed to talk about.

Fresh Sriracha (aka, home made 'Rooster'): Do you like it spicy? Everybody loves Sriracha, also affectionately known as "Rooster Sauce." But guess what? You don't have to buy it at the store -- turns out, you can make your own spicy batch from scratch. Here's the recipe.

We don't want to remember the sadness: The Chicago Sun-Times' "Our far-flung correspondents" blog recently posted a great essay on the film Lucky Life, directed by Lee Isaac Chung. It also includes a video interview (at the bottom) between Grace Wang and the filmmaker.

Photo Mystery: Iris Yamashita is searching for "Susan Butterworth," the owner of some mysterious items that randomly came into her possession over twenty years ago. Iris would like to give them back.

We Need Our Asian American Film Critics: Phil of YOMYOMF asserts that in order to advance the Asian American film movement, we not only need artists making film sand an audience to consume them, we need real critics.

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