arowana films: ambient city

Check out this new video from the folks at Arowana Films, who recently messed around with three DSLR cameras on a steadicam rig: AMBIENT CITY. You may not understand what that means, and the rig looks rather ridiculous. But the filmed result is pretty darn cool. Take a look:

Here's how they explain it:
This is the our first experiment with a 3 dSLR camera rig on a steadicam. From Central Park to Chinatown, we walked one morning. We used two Canon 5d's w/ 24mm 1.4 L series lens and a Canon 7d with a 24mm Nikon Nikkor lens.
And here's a photo of Evan Leong with the crazy ass rig:

For more from Arowana Films, go to their website here.

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